A Cruel Man Delighting in Flowers

...the mildness to which men ... had yielded was only half of the intoxication of beauty, while the other half ... was of such surpassing and terrible cruelty—the most cruel of men delights himself with a flower—that beauty ... failed quickly of its effect... 

Hermann BrochThe Death of Virgil


Jeremy Davies is made of ink, but don’t dip a feather in him. It tickles. He once painted a fingernail black and no one really noticed. He was disappointed. He’s also an editor, a religious atheist, a liker of strong coffees, a Shakespeare-lover, a political anarchist and someone who rarely has a pen when he needs one. He has been a PhD candidate, a personal trainer, a life model, a bouncer, an infantry soldier and someone who rarely had a pen when he needed one. He has had words published in a variety of places, in a variety of publications, in a variety of forms, in a variety of moments: Canada, Wet Ink, SMS and twelve minutes past three in the afternoon being some of these. His first novel, 'Missing Presumed Undead', will be re-published by Satalyte Publishing in February 2014. A second is on its way.

Ink for Ink: 'The Word Made Flesh'

The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide - Eva Talmadge, Justin    Taylor

A birthday present from my mother, suggested by my eldest sister who knew I was planning on adding to my skin a literary tattoo in the near future: I have loved ones and physical interests currently represented, but no literary...

Some great work here, the Kafka sleeves (although I shall be going for something a little more subtle...) and some of the interpretive artwork, fantastic. Some of the stories behind the tattoos were good, some okay, some bordering on total wank ... but that's okay. Exegesis often leaves me cold.

The weirdness of having really flash-in-the-pan pop fiction, like Twilight or even Harry Potter, permanently afixed to your skin though... Questionable. Some people here are complaining in their reviews about the material being to 'heavy' but, I mean, a) it does say 'Literary' in the title and b) you better be pretty sure you have something other than a passing individual connection with a phrase or an image before you get it tapped in.

My first literary tattoo shall be from 'Hamlet', but not this one:

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